Sewa Consulting Pascale Marcou Benkemoun

Women as leaders — unlocking individual and business potential

Too often the rich potential of a diverse workforce remains untapped or underused. Talented women may find it hard to make their voice heard, to step up into leadership roles. And organizational culture may hinder progress.

The challenges may be manifold: embracing personal or organizational change; shifting deeply rooted mind-sets and behaviour; building self-confidence and trust; linking diversity initiatives to business goals; engaging men in the conversation.

I’ll help you to address these challenges. Whether you’re a woman motivated to move forward in leadership, whatever the stage of your life and career. Or an organization that values an inclusive, diverse workforce and must drive the change needed to embed a new culture. And so reap benefits from both human and business perspectives.

I use a mix of creative approaches, drawing on my experience as a coach, business-woman and diversity specialist. Rhythm, music, voice, body, emotions — all come together to support learning with lasting impact on individual and organizational success.